Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Trans Gaule 2008: Day 14: Need i say more Rene sets yet another record (this course was used in 2001 & 2002) of 5:34:45, whilst i frustrate myself further 15th in 7:23:48 if only i could run my first half like my last half!. If the phone let me write

With continuing left little toe problems(the empty blister looking
"interesting" after 2 days bandaged), decided i'd try the BW Injinji
toe socks & go bandage free. After a cereal breakfast(thankful for
SPAR in Jussac) was hopeful, 1st 8k to Aurillac all up & down so
appreciated once we run through the big city. By 10k off with thermal
top & from 20K to 44 followed Jacky once we hit the downhill stretch
finally found another gear & swooped past him & Chen. By the river 15k
of ideal conditions got me past 3

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