Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Trans Gaule 2008 day 7: Finally a half decent run, 9th in 5:46:24 but still 64 mins behind winner!

Looks like last nights massage focussing on the piriformis did the
trick (may not of helped customerwise as i continually swore in pain).
Decided to stick with top & sleeves but chafing necessitated bike
shorts & was back to Asics. Early questioned change as stony tracks
made it hard on my feet. Quiet roads through vineyards made ideal
running. No pain meant i could run harder than expected but wondered
how long it would last. Last aid @ 52k i was 16th but 4k trail meant i
could see my targets & pick off.


Ian said...

64 mins behind the winner through the vineyards hmmmm. next time don't stop for the wine sampling. Congrats Kelvin on a good run but keep going - the world is watching my friend. Cheers Ian

Russell Secker said...

Ah, the joys of sciatic pain! Hang in there, Kelvin. Remember - "this too shall pass". Enjoy that beautiful French countryside for me.
Regards to Jean-Benoit, Trond, Matthias, Sebastiao, Christian, Willem, Daniel, Hans, Hiroko, Don , Fabrice and everyone.