Sunday, 31 August 2008

Trans Gaule 2008: Day 18: I finally get to see the speed of Rene first hand & have my fastest day slipping me up to 15th in overall (final) rankings

With a relatively good 17th day was given the option of a 6 or 7AM start (with the slowest half leaving at 5). Gladly took 6 as the first 9k being uphill would have guaranteed tailed off last early in the elites. Knew i could jump 2 places if i could beat the injured (blisters) Shu Lin by an hour (easy to judge as a consequence of the injuries she was starting at 5) and Chen by 32 minutes. As expected i dropped back early but once over the Col St Colombe ran with purpose passing the early starters. At 32k my moment of ego crushing came as Rene flew past but i needed to keep my mind on the job as Chen (& Hans) were just in front. At the 35k aid changed into singlet & headband & passed them through the vineyards in the process spotting Shu Lin. Once on the canal followed Jacky & Robert almost to Narbonne. Happily followed local (7 time finisher) Daniel through the city & then it was the 16k sprint. Finished 2nd over the line in 6:51 my fastest day
averaging 10.44KPH. Ultimately was 9th once late starters came.

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Jaykay said...

Congratulations Kelvin on a fantastic race.

It's been great keeping up with your daily are a legend!

Tesso said...

Nice way to finish, saving the best for last.

Well done on the 15th placing.