Friday, 15 August 2008

TG2008 day 2 winners run 5:28:27 even with extra K. Me slowly getting into it as i fight niggles & weather and then find my favourite internet cafe(at pub) no longer exists in Pontivy!

Started a bit sore (ITB?) in knee probably due to bad road camber
yesterday so took it gently first hour. Morning dry but decided the
goretex jacket was the way to go(again bandanna, gloves & handheld).
Was thankful i wasnt fast as lead group missed turnoff & did extra k.
Pretty much around the same runners as yesterday but Hans & Fabrice
beat me off in the early cold. Removed jacket @ 26K & gloves @ 48 From
then on conditions improved & finished well in sun, neck %50 better &
massage again. 17th in 6:58:24

1 comment:

Clarkey said...

Only just in the warm-up Kelvin, plenty ahead to chase down.
Keep yourself in one piece!!