Thursday, 28 August 2008

Trans Gaule 2008: Day 15: A little faster start but still only 12th in 5:41 an hour behind Rene. A better start as first 15ks are virtually flat, but once heading uphill am flat as though lacking the usual lung capacity (the cough is all that remains

Looked like another warm day once the fog lifted. Ideal running
conditions first 15k but next 8 very busy roads as we headed towards
big city of Rodez, thankful for bikepath into actual town. Once
through lovely downhills followed by along river. After 3rd aid was
overtaken on uphill by both Taiwanese runners (1st time i'd been
overtaken in the last half in any stage?), probably just what i needed
as most of last 16k is basically downhill so ran hard to repass & then
to run down Sebastian with 7k to go.

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Tesso said...

12th is good. Only an hour behind Rene is great. Having that competitive spirit and running others down is fantastic!